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About Me.

I’m Antonella Addorisio, a freelance photographer proud to be living in the incredible city of Dublin.


I can vividly remember taking my first photos and being blown away that I could freeze precious moments in time. This feeling still happens every time I press the shutter button. Photography has taught me to truly appreciate the world around me and it is a pleasure to inject my point of view into a photo.

I started out with portrait photography and have since developed my skills to suit a variety of situations and subjects.

Travel truly opened my eyes to the beauty all around us and diversity of people, I was able to capture situations that told a story and this has shaped the way I approach my work.

I’m proud to work with awesome clients, from amazing couples that have just got married through to brands large and small. My aim is to always deliver a service that will make you smile.

Please get in touch for a chat, the opportunity to work with you would be amazing.


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